About Us

Alta River in winter

We are a family owned and operated tourism company offering tours by horse-drawn sleigh along the beautiful Alta River. Our farm sits just outside of Alta in idyllic surroundings – arctic nature at its best in all directions! Our tours are designed to give you a peek inside rural life here in arctic Norway: sleigh rides through fabulous scenery, the hearty flavors of northern Norwegian food, and time spent with farmers who have built a life here in the far north.


I have been around horses since i was 11 years old. I grew up caring for them and working with them, and tourism with horses is a way for me to continue that work and way of life.

I have loved nature all my life. You get a special kind of peace when you sit around the campfire watching the fire burn.

Besides horse sleigh driving, I practice roping and mountain riding, and pretty much everything else you can use a horse to do.

Contact info:

0047 454 10 644


When I was 20, I traveled to the US to practice horsemanship, and I have been riding ever since. I practice roping, and was once named the Norwegian champion in dummy roping. Now, I run a farm that involves meat production, and I use the horses for work.

Contact info:

0047 918 10 998

Our Horses

Fjellblom, Norwegian Fjord Horse
We use fjordinger (Norwegian Fjord Horses) to pull our sleighs. They are an old, traditional breed of horses known for their exceptionally steady, low-stress personality.

Pictured here is Fjellblom (say “Fyell-bloom”), which is Norwegian for “mountain flower”. Fjellblom is 11 years old and unbelievably calm… and simply loves petting and attention!